Thursday, July 8, 2010

What's happening here?

Well, no wonder I'm getting minimal sewing of the good kind done.  My DD's both got new point shoes this week, and guess who gets to sew on the elastic and ribbons?  Yes, that would be me!
I have no idea how they wear them.  Like standing on blocks of wood on your toes.
Now onto better things though.  Last week I was lucky enough to win some fabric from Natalie Lymer  at Cinderberry stitches.  Well it came in the post yesterday, and was I soooo happy.
Seven beautiful pieces of Beach House.
Now, just to pick the perfect thing to make with them.  I particularly love the plain/ tone on tone fabrics and the stripe.  So useful, but of course the florals are special too.
I gave in to the DD's who are on school holidays until Sunday- they saw honeycomb making on Masterchef recently and have been driving me bats with requests to make their own.  Tonight I relented.  We made some.  I think I need new bicarb of soda.  It fizzed up some, but not as much as I'd expect.  The box is probably 3-4 years old because I only use it for cleaning and it's a big box.
Guess we'll be doing it again soon.  Lucky me!!
Of course, we probably should make some for DH so he doesn't feel left out.  LOL.

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  1. greetings Kerry, now I know you have a blog I can drop by and tell you important, that stuff's called Hokey Pokey.